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About Me

Who Am I?

Hi I'm Pratirup Goswami !! I am a graduate in Bachelor of Computer Application currently preparing for Masters in Computer Application degree entrance examination.My area of interest in the field of computer science are Software Enginnering,Machine Learning,Natural Language Processing,Computer Vision.

Apart from computer science I have interest in Elecrtical Enginnering topics like Circuit Analyis and PCB Design.

Machine Learning

Deep Learning      

Natural Language Processing

Computer Vision    

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What do I do?

Here are some of my expertise

Machine Learning

Buidling various Ml models from scratch, classification or regression models,recommendation models and time series analysis.

Deep Learning

Designing models for image classification,automatic caption generation,optical character recognition,image coloring and various other topics.

Natural Language Processing

Model designing for topics like Sound Classification, Chatbot, Sentiment Analysis, text summarization, recommendation systems,etc.

Data Analysis

Analysing dataset using various charts and graphs and using tools like PowerBI,Tableau.

Computer Vision

Designing Image recognition,gesture recognition,Image Transformation,document/text scanner and Pose estimation models and other various systems.

Web Dev

I love developing web applications, ecommerce websites, blogs & landing pages etc.

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My Specialty

My Skills

Over the course of my education of my graduate degree, I have received a tremendous amount of advice on the best ways to adapt and learn new technologies. I used what I have learned and worked to continuously improve myself. Over the past few years I gained and developed many competencies that I plan to use to my advantage in any position I accept.
















I passed out my 10th(ICSE) examination from St. Xaviers Institution(ICSE Affiliated).

I passed out my 12th(ISC) examination from St. Xaviers Institution(ICSE Affiliated).

I did my graduation from Institute of Engineering & Management Calutta, India with a DGPA of 8.8.

My Work

Recent Projects


Handwriting-Recognition also known as offline Handwriting-Recognition the objective of this project is to extract all the words from a handwritten paragraph using Deep learing. The model I used is CNNN-LSTM/GRU with CTC loss function.


This project is about recognising peoples face and it also finds whether the person is showing fake images or videos using eye blink detection.


Coloring old/new black and white images or face images using Deep Learning (Autoencoders)


Fake News Classifier is about classifying or identifying whether a particular news is fake or real.

Dynamic blog recommendation

The main objective of this project is to recommend blogs to a user based on the similarity of an input blog with other blogs using Topic Modelling(LDA).

Website Scrapers

A bot to scrape off any required information from a website.


The 2019-nCoV is a contagious coronavirus that hailed from Wuhan, China. This new strain of virus has striked fear in many countries as cities are quarantined and hospitals are overcrowded. This analysis will help us understand how 2019-nCoV is spread aroud the world.


The objective of the project is to diagnostically predict whether or not a patient has diabetes, based on certain diagnostic measurements included in the dataset.


Here in this project I have used various hypothesis testing and also done some descriptive analytics to understand the data. I used feature selection techniques to select the required number of features and at last I have built some machine learning models to predict whether a person has heart disease or not.


This is my first data science project where I tried to predict the price of the house depending on the features.


This is a Glass Identification Data Set from UCI. It contains 10 attributes including id.This is about classifying what categoy a particular glass belogs to example Type of glass: (class attribute) -- 1 building_windows_float_processed -- 2 building_windows_non_float_processed -- 3 vehicle_windows_float_processed -- 4 vehicle_windows_non_float_processed (none in this database) -- 5 containers -- 6 tableware -- 7 headlamps.

Hand Gesture Computer Controller

The objective of this project is to control various funvtion of computer using hand genstures.


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